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I've Just Had a Dream
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I've Just Had a Dream
Acabo de tener un sueño

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Beautiful movie.Well done. That child is beautiful.

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I loved it! Though one could consider it a film contrasting experiences of those of different races, for me it is more than that, i.e., the contrast of my own experience of life depending on my outlook. I can be pleased or disappointed with my life depending on how i choose to look at it.

Anonymous picture

Exquisite. Profound, and in such a short film. Well worthy of awards.

Anonymous picture

A young white girl's nightmare is a young black girl's dream... Not surprising. The reality for the black and poor is always a living nightmare. Some call it, "perspective," some call it, "truth" - thank you for making this short!

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Anonymous picture

speechless. Great movie. Thank you for reminding us from seeing things from different perspectives.

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Thank you, beautiful movie, I truly enjoy it.