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German for Kids

German for Kids
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German for Kids - Unit 1
In Unit 1, children will learn counting 1 to 10, Fruits, Vegetables, Greetings, Animals, verb "to be", adjectives big and small.
German for Kids - Unit 2
In Unit 2, children will learn describing people, asking for things, questions with verb "to be", asking for and giving personal information, where are you from, at school, jobs, alphabet.
German for Kids - Unit 3
In Unit 3, children will learn likes, dislikes, saying how you feel, giving advice, where things are, expressing ablity, parts of the body, positions.
German for Kids - Unit 4
In Unit 4, children will learn what is happening, asking where people are going, illness, parts of the body, this, that, these, those, in the garden, sports, morning to night.
German for Kids - Unit 5
In Unit 5, children will learn months, seasons, explaining what we do, questions and negatives, there is, there are, places, positions, house, home, weather.
German for Kids - Unit 6
In Unit 6, children will learn yes, no, short answers, big, bigger, biggest, comparatives, asking how many, why, shapes, colors, musical instruments, toys, games.
German for Kids - Unit 7
In Unit 7, children will learn adverbs, asking for something, responding, what are you wearing, articles of clothing, introductions, likes, dislikes, needs, wants, commands, questions, parts of the body, time.
German for Kids - Unit 8
In Unit 8, children will learn behaviour, food, drink, love, likes, dislikes, understanding preference, numbers 21 to 30, accepting, declining, offering, reference, expressions of courtesy, politeness, describe past events, verbs.
German for Kids - Unit 9
In Unit 9, children will learn Directions, which way to go, recognizing oppostites, quiet, calm, obligations, tools, past, colors, location, where.
German for Kids - Unit 10
In Unit 10, children will learn to describe how things fit, adjectives, comparatives, distance, speed, temperature, weather, illness, remedy, numbers 31 to 100, commands, orders, too, enough, telephone call, imperative…
German for Kids - Unit 11
In Unit 11, children will learn adjectives, look, fit, people, objects, places, asking for information, comparatives, following instructions, verbal, written, responding, outdoors, transportation.
German for Kids - Unit 12
In Unit 12, children will learn to describe objects, homes, animals, pets, expressions, blame, certainty, fear, happiness, quiet, calm, goodbye, big numbers, oridinal, days, dates, week, months, year, calendar, seasons.