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In contrast to "Say It Right" program, where the key attention is paid to phonetics, "Say IT right +" focuses on lexicology and phraseology of English. The program is intended for viewers with upper- intermediate level of English. However, it has clear structure, more entertaining form, as opposed to "Say It Right", and will be useful and easy-to-understand for viewers with lower levels of English.

During the program the host, "language nurse", explains:

  • The subtleties of usage of confusing words, such as homonyms and synonyms, which often mislead nonnative speakers;
  • The meaning of the idioms and phrasal verbs;
  • The etymology and meaning of the widespread fixed phraseological expressions in a relaxed manner as a part of so called "meditation".

After one video lesson the viewers will learn:

  • Two couples of English homonyms, synonyms or other confusing words;
  • Three idioms, their meanings and rules of usage;
  • One widespread fixed phraseological expression, its etymology and meaning.

Together with "Say IT right +" the viewers will reach the new heights of English learning, will practice their listening skills, enrich their vocabulary and broaden their horizons.


Running Time
98 mins
Nb videos
10 videos included