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The Blackcoat's Daughter
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The Blackcoat's Daughter

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I mostly like this film, though I don't know that I would watch it again. It has some interesting scenes. That said, I got confused about the Kat and Joan characters, whom I presume are intended to be the same person at different ages. (The different actresses seem to have been cast based ...Read more

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What about winter
makes stranded boarding-school girls
worship the furnace?

Anonymous picture

I was thinking about this response
While watching the film (for the first time)
& I don't think the furnace was "worshiped" in that scene (whatever else was going on— though this
Is clearly not a haiku)

Anonymous picture

Ominous music and sound does not rescue a film if it has no clear motivations or plot, just bunny-eared shadows and troubled girls.

Anonymous picture

I agree with JP, for those who enjoy horror films this is a flop. A waste of my movie watching time.

Anonymous picture

It does succeed in being creepy. Osgood Perkins (of Quigley fame --Quigley!) directs a slow-burn, satanic non-panic.

Anonymous picture

If you enjoy quality horror films, don't waste your time with this one. It has an uninspired and contrived screenplay while also being filled with actors who have their own limitations beyond a bad script. Seriously, don't waste your time.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

If you've ever gotten very sick. This is NOT a movie for you. Not a classic. NO cinematography.

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Great movie!